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Koala Soother Box - blue

Koala Soother Box - blue

Koala Soother Box - blue

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In a nutshell
  • Soother box for keeping soother clean on the go

  • Slot on the side to put a pacifier cord while keeping it attached to the pacifier

  • Functional strap to hang to stroller or diaper bag

  • Can be used to sterilise soother in the microwave

  • Can be used to store 2 soothers at once

The Koala Soother Box is perfect for keeping soothers germ-free in a practical and fun way. Thanks to the little slot on the side, you don't have to remove the pacifier cord and it can even be used to sterilise the soother in the microwave. And let's not forget how cute this little koala looks!

GTIN code: 5414959065563
ID code: NV02003BLUE
Size of one Piece
Length: 8.00cm
Width: 7.50cm
Depth: 8.00cm


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